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Toba Dream, Jakarta, 29.5.15

Van Java: a young band with bags of surprises; guitar and bass, backed with thunderous drums, took us out of our comfort zone. With Biondi on vocals for some tunes, faint echoes of Renaissance, yet distinctly unfamiliar. Worth watching them grow.

IKYWMC: Down to a trio for this gig, Adi on keyboards and Reza on guitar effortlessly shared the bass duties. Amazing synergy, sustained creativity. ‘Marsavishnu(video) has a life of its own, reflecting Reza’s “distorted reality”, with drummer Alfi ever quiet off stage, in the zone on it. Another “effing fantastic” set, guys!

Keenan Nasution: forty years after seminal album ‘Guruh Gypsy’, proved that good prog-rock lives on. For some, judging by the loud cheers, this was nostalgia. For younger progressive musicians, this was where your Indonesian rock heritage came from.

We are already looking forward to ProgNite 3.