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For the first time, IndoJazzia’s choice for VoW has no connection with Indonesia, but all to do with creativity, the exploration of sound, stage presence, and all that makes jazz so personal.

21 year old Jacob Collier from England is truly astonishing. All of his recent recordings, as featured on his YouTube channel, are home produced.

He is a singer.
He is a piano player – and composer.
He is a singing piano player.
He is a multi-instrumentalist.

He’s also an innovative marketer of his talents (video)

His fan base includes such luminaries as Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Steve Vai and Take 6, to name a few. Non-luminaries include IndoJazzia, and we seriously and sincerely hope that Indonesians get the chance to witness him live, perhaps at Java Jazz.

Composer Simon Dobson wrote this to Jacob last week: “I make my living as a musician, and unlike others who say [that] hearing you makes them want to just give up, hearing you just makes me want to get better!

And that’s why we have posted the above: none of us know what we can do until we try.

Dare to dream!

And please send us the URL of your latest video for consideration as the next VoWs – if they haven’t been recorded on a hand-held camera.