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Jonathan Dangawa, the composer-drummer, is joined by guitarist Galih Ramadhan (previously featured in IndoJazzia’s VoW 7), Gilang Al Fattah on bass, Adimas Fajariyansyah on kendang (the large drum played with hand and foot), and Prima adds voice and percussion.

Anissah Songs (Veiled women, silent, mysterious faces, glare) was recorded at the Langgeng Art Foundation in Yogyakarta on 12 June 2015, and is another example of the exciting and creative music emerging from the city sometimes described as the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Indonesia.

22 year old Galih Ramadhan started to teach himself the guitar 10 years ago. He continued with more formal studies at Bandung’s Non-Performing Arts Department of Classical Music at SMKN 10.

After graduating high school, he continued his musical studies at Yogya Institute of Arts (ISI)  in 2012 under the guidance of Royke B. Koapaha, who was also Reza Ryan’s mentor. (Galih regards Reza and Adi Wijaya of IKYWMC as his “seniors”.)

Although he has an interest in traditional Indonesian and other ethno-music styles, he tells us that his guitar style is influenced by the sitar (Indonesians: situr) amd “dhruba”, an instrument of which IndoJazzia has absolutely no information. He plays the kecapi on this track with shades of mellow Metheny, which is no bad thing.

But from that to this is one giant step…