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You don’t have to know that eight (8) is a perfect cube (23) or that it is the only nonzero perfect power that is one less than another perfect power, by Mihăilescu’s Theorem.

Nor do you have to know where the word comes from, although the following does tell us that English is a very dynamic language, continually absorbing influences from both invaders and immigrants.

From Middle English eight, aught, eahte, ahte; from Old English eahta; from Proto-Germanic ahtōu; and from Proto-Indo-European oḱtṓw. It is cognate with Scots aucht, West Frisian acht, Dutch acht, Low German acht, German acht, Norwegian åtte, Swedish åtta, Icelandic átta, Latin octo, Ancient Greek ὀκτώ (oktṓ), and Irish ocht.

No, all you have to know is that today is the eighth day of the eighth month which means that IndoJazzia is bringing you our monthly compilation with a numerical connotation, with the added factor of being listed in a pyramidal formation.

01. Lyle Mays – Hard Eights
02. First Avenue – Band Eight
03. Ray Russell – Eighth House
04. Michael Mantler – Movie Eight
05. Rufus Harley – Eight Miles High
06. David Darling – Eight String Religion
07. Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet – Eight Winds
08. Ambrose & His Orchestra – Dinner At Eight
09. Mr Scruff – Black Milk-Eighth From The Egg
10. Fred Hersch & Norma Winstone – The Eighth Deadly Sin
11. Major Glenn Miller & The American Band of the AEF – Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar