Today, 21st August 2017, much of the USA’s population will be watching a rare solar eclipse while the rest of the world will be watching it via live streaming on internet connected devices or TVs.

The moon’s gravitational pull affects the ocean’s tides and the internal equilibrium of members of the animal kingdom, e.g. lunatics and werewolves. We can therefore expect more craziness.

Howling Wolf has a song about the moon.

But IndoJazzia is not about craziness; it’s about jazz heritage, past, present and into the unknown. So, unwilling to be eclipsed or out-trumped by natural and unnatural events, we think today gives us a good enough excuse to offer a couple of compilations of Moon Jazz.

The first, Beautiful Moons Ago, is about the past; there are some familiar tunes and, we hope, some less so.

The second, Reaching For The Moon, highlights the contemporary fascination with the orb that pulls.

In March last year, IndoJazzia went live with the slogan ‘The International Portal for Indonesian Jazz’.

Through this site and our associated Facebook page we have brought Indonesian jazz to the attention of all those with an interest in it, with community news, videos, and downloads which have included compilations, demos and seminal yet unavailable albums.

And now, we are proud to announce the launch of the IndoJazzia Musik label.

On March 29th, in Bali, Erik Sondhy signed a contract with PT Usaha Jasa Kreatif for the international online distribution of his album London Blues recorded last year at the world-renowned Abbey Road studios in London.

We raved about the tracks we first heard last month and we think you will too.

Thanks for putting your faith in us, Erik, and we look forward to working with you.

Our promise to you is that we will be transparent in all our dealings.

A Discussion held at TeMBI Rumah Budaya in Bantul, Yogyakarta, on Friday 10th July 2015.

Some 60/70 musicians and music business person were in attendance.

Moderator: Risky Summerbee

Arlo Hennings (IndoJazzia)
– Indonesia has one of the world’s largest unknown talent pools.
– The country has one of the world’s poorest telecommunications systems.
– Music education in the country does not equip students with key information:
— Namely: ‘How to present yourself’
— Writing press releases
— Releasing professional videos (i.e. not recorded on handheld phones)
– Connect with foreigners in the industry.

Leonardo Pavkovic (MoonJune Records NYC)
– MoonJune does not promote Indonesian musicians because they are Indonesian but because they are good musicians with something to say beyond mere interpretation.
e.g. Dewa Budjana, Dwiki Darmawan, Tohpati, simakDialog, Tesla Manaf, IKYWMC and, next year, Sri Hanuraga.
– Don’t be afraid to connect.

Djaduk Ferianto (Performing artist/musician)
– Please do not say “go international” – Indonesians are already international citizens, and not just ‘orang Sumatra’ etc.)
– You must think that!
– Promote yourselves:
— Join a label / set up BandCamp, Soundcloud page
— Play live music: festivals, residences etc.

Heri Dono (Installation artist regularly invited abroad)
– the international scene today is multi-cultural, so Indonesians must be prepared to be international.
– a change in personal mindset is necessary

Drs. Royke B. Koapaha (Teacher of music at ISI Yogya)
– Be original …
– creative …
– and persevere – continuity is important

Ajie Wartono (Warta Jazz)
– musicians must network themselves
– know who you are promoting yourself to: do not send metal music demos to a country label!
– Be confident

Terry Collins (IndoJazzia)
– Do not be self-satisfied, be true to yourselves
– You don’t know what you are capable of until you try
– Dare to dream!
Notes by Terry Collins and Adi Wijaya (IKYWMC)
Some sixty years after the Koeswoyo brothers upset President Soekarno when recording as Koes Bersaudara (or Koes Plus), their songs have gone international, not as archival releases but as  interpreted by western musicians Koes Barat.

Download two songs, the original and the interpreted versions, here.